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Captain’s Log – Entry 2

Air travel isn’t usually as glamorous as it sounds. Case in point – it’s not like we have a bathroom on the ship, and believe it or not, Tink isn’t always able to hold it long enough for us to get him to a port with a robot-friendly restroom. Pirates can be really dumb sometimes. […]

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Update: Armor Games!

Hey, everyone! We have some awesome news to share with you! ANOVA is now on Armor Games! Please visit to check it out! We’ve already gotten some great feedback from the Armor Games audience, as well as 34K+ (!) plays and an 90% (!) rating. 😀 We’re really happy to be able to get […]

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We just launched on Patreon!

Our Patreon campaign is now LIVE! Please join us and follow along as we work to bring the world of ANOVA to life! Our fundraising efforts will go directly to creating more content for you to enjoy, including making more episodes, hiring a composer, and being able to move faster by expanding the team. Check […]

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Captain’s Log: Entry 1

Most of our recorded history has been lost, so I’ve decided to document my adventures in the hopes that others will follow my lead to rebuild our collective knowledge base. I can’t promise it will all be 100% useful, but with Tink’s help, we’ll give it our best shot! I don’t know if I’ll ever […]

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What Gamers Are Saying

Wonderful game and one of the very best. The puzzle was intriguing. Loved It!! Can’t wait for the next chapter(s) coming out. Two thumbs up.

shubhendra shubhendra

Great art, interesting puzzles and a thoroughly engaging heroine. A must play for fans of point & click adventure games. Looking forward to further episodes.

ElliotKane ElliotKane

Hey there, it was quite tricky, but it was awesome. I’m really excited for next episode(s)! When can we expect another episode to come out and will there be more than one episode? I think you could make a full game out of this, this story has quite a lot of potential!

martisgormitas martisgormitas